lundi 3 septembre 2007

A new Kurdish Party opposing the Kurdish warlords

البيان الختامي لحزب الحرية والعدالة الكردستاني


Extract from "Roads to Iraq" :
September 2, 2007

- A new Kurdish Party "Freedom and Justice Party" announced itself today, opposing the domination of the two Kurdish warlords on Iraqi Kurdistan, in their announcement they put their four points objectives:

1- A unified, independent and liberated from occupation Iraq, is the Iraq of all its citizens, and what brings its citizens together over every inch of land is the citizenship, which is the State of all citizens is no difference between the citizens and they are equal before the law.
2- The Complete unconditional withdrawal of American occupation forces and the recognition of the national sovereign and independent is the demand of all Iraqis.
3- Our party does not depend on and do not allowed family-succession as is the case with the current [Kurdish] parties, but it is the party of the people.
4- Struggle for federalism within the unity of Iraq, to create the conditions and atmosphere of cooperation and among the Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen and the rest of the communities and groups that make up the Iraqi people is the higher goal sought by the party.

This is serious thing because they appointed a very well known Kurdish figure "Jawhir Alharki" as the head of Freedom and Justice Party, they already get Turkey’s acceptance and the congratulations from the Iraqi resistance.

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