mercredi 30 avril 2008

The creation of a Committee for the defense of Tarek Aziz and the other Iraqi political prisoners

Barrister Vergès confirms that he will go to Baghdad to defend Tarek Aziz

Tarek Aziz trial has been adjourned to Tuesday 20th May following a short audience held on the 28th April 2008, during which the Deputy Vice Prime minister has denied any implication in the charges set against him and requested a new Iraqi lawyer. His Lawyer Barrister Badie Aref - having taken refuge in Amman for « security' reasons » : the US refusing to ensure any longer his safety following the death threats he received while a mandate of arrest was launched against him.

Lawyer Jacques Vergès told us that he will ensure the international defense of Tarek Aziz as requested by the Vice-Premier two years ago, a request confirmed on the 29th April 2008, through a fax sent by Zyad Aziz - the son of the Iraqi leader and by the Lawyer - Barrister Badie.

Barrister Vergès intends to ask a visa from the embassy of Iraq in Paris to travel to Baghdad to defend his client.

A Committee for the defense of Tarek Aziz and the Iraqi political prisoners was established at the initiative of Gilles Munier who will contact the signatories of the appeal he launched in May 2003 to ask them to demonstrate again their support for the Iraqi Vice-Premier. The Committee will meet to elect its president.

The appeal for the liberation of Tarek Aziz, recalling the first signatories, has been re launched again at the international level by the British Parliamentarian George Galloway .

In France, in amongst more than a hundred signatures, we can note the following :
Jean-Pierre Chevènement (former minister) - Michel Debray ( Vice-admiral en 2ème section) - Michel Lelong (cleric) – Général Pierre Gallois (Retired Commander) - Thierry Mariani (MP) - Philippe de Saint Robert (writer) – Andrée Michel (honorary director of Research, CNRS) – Didier Julia (MP) - Maurice Buttin (Barrister) - Claude Gaucherand (Contre admiral en 2ème section) - Michel Grimard (President of the Christian Movement Vème République) - Maurice Cannet (General- Retired) - Jacques Gaillot (Cleric -Bishop) - Jean-Pierre Bastid (Novelist) – Paul-Marie Couteaux (European MP) - Charles Saint Prot (writer) – Pierre Levy (journalist) - Bruno Drweski (University Professor) – Alain Corvez (colonel) - Edmond Jouve (university professor) – Robert Vial (journalist) - Georges Labica (highly skilled university professor) – Amaury Couderc (former elected official and mayor) - Paul Balta (writer) – Sliman Doggui (neurologist) – Gérard Godfroy (former director of Rennes' Fair) – Jean Picollec (editor) – Roland Lafitte (writer) – Patricia Latour (writer) – Xavière Jardez (jurist)…. etc

In order to communicate with its members and inform the public opinion, the Committee for the defense of Tarek Aziz and the Iraqi political prisoners has opened :
- an electronic address email :
- and a blog :

Rennes, on the 30th April 2008

Contact for France - Gilles Munier : 06 19 74 45 99

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