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Letter from Turkmeneli Party to Mr. Stephan De Mistura

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


حزب تــوركمن أيلــــي

العدد / بلا
التاريخ 18-4 -2008

Letter from Turkmeneli Party to Mr. Stephan De Mistura:

We had the chance to read your statements that the results of December 2005 elections will be one of three criteria to find a political solution in Kirkuk.

It is well known to all that for the last five years we appeal to all concerned parties to find a formula for a political solution in Kirkuk and the Kurdish party had a negative attitude towards this appeal, as well as that it is continuing to create a fait accompli by changing the demographic makeup of Kirkuk as the case reached an impasse.

We would like to inform you that the results of elections in December 2005 can not be the criteria of a political solution for the following reasons:

1 - It was purely Kurdish opinion and rejected by the Turkmen and Arabs.

2 - elections in December 2005 based on the voter register update in which more than 100 thousand voters were outset because of forgery, and the recommendation of the UN special envoy Ashraf Khadhi and the official electoral Commission, where the High Commission for the elections to implement this request and commitment Commission recommendation of the United Nations Office in Baghdad, and deleted from the register of voters updates approximately 106 thousand voters because of fraud, but after the media and political campaign and the threat of boycott of the elections by Mr. Massoud Barzani UNHCR had reversed its decision two days before the elections without informing the United Nations. Therefore, we believe that the number of names added to the register of voters in elections in December 2005 increased about 10 times the number of names that were added in the governorate of Baghdad, which exceed the number of population of Kirkuk governorate's population five times, any additions in Kirkuk set a record, and this proves that December 2005 elections its self based on the basis of forged in the original.

3 - That most of the Turkmen parties opposed records voters adopted in December 2005 elections, before going into the elections in question.

4 - Most Turkmen parties challenged the legitimacy of the outcome of elections in December 2005.

Therefore, we propose organizing a new registry of voters in Kirkuk depending on records for 1957 census and the adoption of electronic road in the voting process to prevent falsifications, or accept the special electoral allowing each major ethnic nationalities of the three to vote with the ratio of 32% because of the difficult circumstances surrounding Kirkuk as a transitional center , urging the three parties to dialogue and negotiations under the supervision of the United Nations in order to access a solution which would be satisfactory to all parties, and thank you and appreciation.

Ali Mahdi
Vice-Chairman of Turkmeneli Party
April 18, 2008

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