samedi 19 avril 2008

Open letter to His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Nouri Al-Maliki




18th April 2008

Open letter to: His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Nouri Al-Maliki

Your Excellency declared that the Kurdish forces (PESHMARGA) are not Militia and irregular forces and that its functions be confined within the borders of the areas under the local Kurdish administration in northern Iraq. Since that article 141 of the Iraqi constitution had identified areas under the management of local Kurdish areas that were under its control before the fall of the former regime, particularly as of the date 19/3/2003, in view of the fact that the cities of Kirkuk and Mosul are outside this specific geographic areas of local Kurdish administration,
therefore, we ask your Excellency to recognize the Kurdish forces (PESHMARGA) and security forces belonging to KDP and PUK, located in both Kirkuk and Mosul as militia, irregular forces and illegal and breaching of its functions.

In the case of insisting on the continued presence of illegal Kurdish forces in Kirkuk and Mosul we call to deprive the above mentioned two Kurdish parties from the oncoming local elections in those two provinces.

We also hope that you will close the headquarters of so called Kurdish security forces (Asayish), which became a source of concern for the people of the two cities in general and Turkmen and Arabs in particular.

Riyaz Sari Kahya
chairman of Turkmeneli Party
April 18, 2008

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