lundi 28 avril 2008

Turkmeneli Party's letter to the Iraqi Parliament

Letter to Iraqi parliament – legal committee
Monday 28/04/2008

Turkmeneli party addressed the Iraqi parliament – legal committee through a letter with some proposal about the upcoming governorate counsels election

To: House of Representatives - legal committee

Permanent Iraqi constitution in its fourth quarter, article 121 regarding local administrations include the following: "This constitution guarantees the administrative, political, cultural, educational rights of various ethnicities (Turkmen, Chaldeans, Assyrians, and all other components) and regulates that by a law" Depending on 1992’s election of Kurdistan National Assembly, the seats allocation for Turkmen, Assyrians and Chaldeans and using special funds for them, should be taken into account to represent all components of the Iraqi people in the House as stated in Article (47) first paragraph of the Iraqi Constitution.

We hope that all members of the Committee and the House of Representatives will take into consideration the following proposals: --

1 - Relying on 1957 census with ration card records for Kirkuk province to organize voter’s registration for the provincial council elections due to special circumstances surrounding the governorate.

2 - Using electronic system for the elections in the governorate of Kirkuk to prevent forgery.

3 - Allocation 32% of seats for each of the Turkmen, Arabs, Kurds and 4% for Assyrians.

4 – Setting special criteria for candidate to governorate council – the candidate should be from Kirkuk inhabitant for the last 10 years as minimum.

5 – Taking into account the representation of all ethnical components in the provincial councils of Baghdad, Diyala, Salahuddin, to ensure real participation of all parties in local council and prevent fraud and disputes between the components.

Turkmeneli Party Office of Jurists 27/4/2008

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