mardi 11 décembre 2007

Interview in Madrid with Abu Muhammad, spokesman of the patriotic and nationalist Iraqi Resistance

“The Iraqi Resistance is the legitimate and sole representative of Iraq”

IraqSolidaridad: 10-12-07

“The Iraqi Resistance has no relation with Al-Qaeda, which has its own vision, strategy, purposes and resources. One part of the assassinations that are now taking place in Iraq are executed by Al-Qaeda and another part by the militias and death squads linked to the political parties [invested in the US-imposed political process and] related to the occupation, but which also count on the assistance of Iran through its intervention in Iraq. […] The objective of the Iraqi Resistance is to achieve a total liberation. When the occupiers leave Iraq we will establish a national democratic, multiparty system, based on free elections; a regime in which all Iraqis that believe in collective rights will participate.”

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