jeudi 27 décembre 2007

Stop the killings of Women in Iraq!

Sawt al-Iraq reports in Arabic htat Abd al-Jalil Khalaf, the police chief of Basra, told the al-Arabiya satellite news channel on Wednesday that a shadowy group calling itself "Commanding the Good and Forbidding what is Prohibited" has recently killed 50 women in the southern port.
It is probably a puritanical Shiite group, and it says it objects to make-up (tabarruj or the wanton display of oneself in public). The women killed have been for the most part Muslims (both Sunni and Shiite), though two were Christians.
(The above has been posted by Juan Cole on his 'Comments' blog)
What Juan Cole fails to comment is that before the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US-UK in 2003, Iraq was the most progressive country in the Arab world as far as women's rights are concerned.
I also would like to remind him of the crimes the US-UK's 'unpuritanical Christian' troops and their 'Christianist mercenaries' (*) have committed against the women of Iraq: rapes, killings and putting their bodies on fire ...imprisonment without charges, torture, forced displacements... all sorts of humiliations...
Today in 'liberated Iraq' violence on the Iraqi women comes from all sides.

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