mardi 18 décembre 2007

Madrid Forum for a Just Peace in the Middle East - Joint Statement of the Anti-Occupation Network

No just peace under occupation -
Con ocupación no existe la paz justa

Joint statement of The International Anti-Occupation Network, The BRussells Tribunal, The Spanish Campaign Against the Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq and The Iraq Solidarity Association in Stockholm on withdrawing from the Madrid Forum for a Just Peace in the Middle East

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The International Anti-Occupation Network (IAON), along with the Palestinian, Arab and Spanish delegations, condemns and rejects the interference of the Spanish Foreign Ministry and the Madrid Social Forum (FSM) and its cowardice in the face of attempts by Israel to impose Zionist forces on the civil society “Forum for a Just Peace in the Middle East”. These forces cannot and do not subscribe to the Forum’s Reference Document that affirms the inviolability of international law.

The IAON, who organized an Iraqi delegation to this Forum, had agreed to participate on the basis of international law, which guarantees the right to resist foreign occupation by any means, and the individual and unalienable right of refugees to return. The defence of the right of Palestinian refugees to return was clearly stated in the Reference Document of the Forum. Its endorsement was a precondition for the participation of any panelist or participant in the Forum’s workshops.

The IAON withdrew its participation from the Forum alongside all other organizations. Iraqis are not only in solidarity with the Palestinian people; Iraqis are victims of the same US-Israeli agenda to partition the region into smaller entities — that could not threaten Israel’s role as an offensive spearhead and US proxy in the Arab world — in order to control the region’s resources and prevent the sovereignty, independence, development and freedom of its people.

Iraq has been invaded, occupied and destroyed as a state by the United States with Israeli participation. The same US-Israeli offensive has attempted to destroy the nation of Iraq. There will be no just peace in the Arab world without the withdrawal of all occupation forces from Arab land, the return of all refugees to their homes, the cancellation of all laws, agreements, treaties or contracts passed under occupation, and the payment of reparations for all the human and material losses caused by these criminal, sectarian and racist occupations.

US imperialism is being defeated in Iraq. The result of this defeat will undoubtedly change the status quo in the entire region. To support the Iraqi Resistance is to support justice rather than force, humanity rather than plunder, and the restitution of the people’s rights in Palestine, Iraq and to all people living under occupation.

We salute the unity of civil society in this critical moment and the solidarity it unequivocally expressed with the just cause of the Palestinian people, along with its rejection of state manipulation and interference.

Immediate end to the occupation of Palestine and Iraq
Recognize the resistance of the Palestinian and Iraqi people
Defend the unalienable right of refugees to return and enjoy their rights in their homeland
Freedom, independence and sovereignty for the Iraqi and Palestinian people

Justice is on our side; our resistance is continuous.

The International Anti-Occupation Network

This statement has been redacted by the following persons, in representation of their organizations:

Dirk Adriaensens, BRussells Tribunal Executive Committee

Hana Al Bayaty, BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee

Ian Douglas, BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee

Paloma Valverde, CEOSI (the Spanish Campaign Against Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq)

Sara Sanchez, CEOSI (the Spanish Campaign Against Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq)

Sigyn Meder, Iraqi solidarity Association in Stockholm

Hassan T. Walli Aydinli, Committee for the defense of Iraqi Turkmen’s rights

Souad Al Azzawi, BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee

Dahlia Wasfi, BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee

Hana Ibrahim, Woman’s Will Association

Madrid, 17 December 2007

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