jeudi 20 décembre 2007

Turkman Souljah: an Iraqi Turkmen DJ and Componist
(Artister - Turkman Souljah)

Lawand Shakur Othman is the iraqi civil name for DJ and the Componist Turkman Souljah.
He calls himself a turntablist because his primary work concerns the turntable, and it is with this name that he has won numerous titles like: 3 Times Denmark Champion (DMC), 5 Times Scandinavian Champion in DJ BATLLE.
Other than his solo performances, he tours the world in which he's Performed and produced music with names such as: Jakob Anderskov Jazz, The Gypsies, Karen, Kontra Crew, Majid, Burhan G, Jonas Rendbo and an arsenal of other names as well.
He is currently touring with Outlandish, where he can be found all over the world touring. He is also frequently seen with Rappers Per V and Nappion.
If that wasn't enough he accomplishes to break the traditional DJ-workstyle, as he is also a Classical Componist. This means that he mixes between modern beats and Classical music.
He has (amongst other pieces) composed new-interpretations of classics such as Per Nørgaard. He also masters the Piano, where Rachmaninov and Mozart are the most frequently played.
Lawand makes it a breeze breaking out of the mainframe, and he has repeatedly shown that he is perfectly capable of doing so.

Mohammde Samad
Biz Turkmeniz / Danmark

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