samedi 8 décembre 2007

Waiting for Iraq to rise from its ashes

I am convinced that Iraq will rise from its ashes one day, when the invaders and their agents have been forced to leave.

She will stand proud again, because we are millions who love her and long for her to be what she once was.

I was not born an Iraqi, but from the moment I set foot in Iraq many years ago, I have always known that SHE is the country I love most, because of her wonderful, generous and great people.

I will carry a deep and burning wound inside me as long as she is not freed, but this will not happen until ALL her children: Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, Chaldeo-Assyrians, Yezidis, Sabeans...have realized that loosing her would be loosing their soul.

Iraq is like a mother, she is unique and irreplaceable.

Shia and Sunna must unite, how can they forget that they belong to the SAME religion? Haven't they realized yet that is it some greedy politicians who are throwing them at each other's throats?

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