samedi 29 décembre 2007

Turkmens of Iraq addressing Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the U.N.

Honorable Ban Ki Moon
Secretary General of the United Nations
New York – U.S.A

As the representatives of the Turkmen nation in Iraq, we regretfully condemn the irresponsible actions of your personal representative to Erbil, Iraq.

We were appalled that Mr. Stephan de Mistura who without paying any attention to the constitutional requirements in Iraq – and obviously by the demand of the Kurdish parties in northern Iraq – suggested to extend the time limit of article 140 of the Iraqi constitution for a further six months.

This article was a temporary article expiring on 31.12.2007 with no right to any body or entity to extend its duration because amendments to constitution requires prescribed conditions such as the acceptance of two third of the members of the parliament and a referendum in whole of Iraq.

We appeal to you to immediately stop these arbitrary actions and procedures. We know that the role of the United Nations is positive and objective and has never been biased and ill informed to the constitutional requirements of its member countries.

Cordially yours.

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