jeudi 27 mars 2008


Based on the Declaration of the Kingdom of Iraq of 30 May 1932 ( representatives of the constituent communities of Iraq have met in Istanbul on February 28-29.

They have agreed to explore and put into place ideas and instruments which may contribute to the prompt, lasting and regionally stabilizing solutions or current problems, such as the Turkish-Iraqi border issues and the relocation of residents in the Kirkuk area.

To these effects, the participants of the Iraqi Workshop organized by Ekopolitik-ADAM Social Sciences Research Center have agreed to strengthen the institutions of the MOSUL VILAYET COUNCIL (.../rebirth.htm) which, since 1992, has labored to bring about genuine reconciliation, reconstruction and cooperation particularly among the people of the Mosul Vilayet on the basis of international law.

A follow up meeting is planned for later this summer.

2 Mart 2008


Mu‏ir Ahmed
Sava‏ Avc‎
Muzaffer Arslan
قeyh Salar el Hafid
Muhammed Haruni
Riyaz Sar‎kahya
Anton Keller
Orhan Ketene
Muhammed S‎dd‎k Mahmud

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