mercredi 12 mars 2008

World Against War Global Demo

Brussels, 18th March 2007 - In front of the U.S. Embassy


1pm Sat 15 March, assemble at Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Sq, Dublin 1.
Simultaneous demonstrations in Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America.

From Gaza to Iraq: Stop the slaughter

Just about everything the millions of anti-war marchers around the globe predicted five years ago on 15 February 2003 has come true.

Iraq has been turned into a sectarian prison. In Baghdad alone 100,000 sections of concrete wall impose sectarian division. The bare figures of a million dead and four million displaced only suggest the agony of a country torn apart by foreign rule.

Afghanistan is a hidden catastrophe. The 2001 invasion was sold to us as humanitarian intervention. Now Oxfam and the Red Cross report that the occupation is itself causing a humanitarian crisis.

The warmongers used to talk of liberating women – now Afghanistan has the second highest rate of maternal death in childbirth in the world. Life expectancy is down to 44, and health provision is virtually non-existent. Not surprisingly, the occupiers are bogged down in heavy fighting.

Even the most delusional of the war’s few supporters don’t dare claim the world has become safer.

Iraq: A war for oil by Donal Mac Fhearraigh

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