lundi 19 novembre 2007

11th Turkish Congress’ commissions put forth over 150 proposals in final document

The 11th Friendship, Brotherhood, and Cooperation Congress of Turkic States and Communities, which started in Baku on November 17, continues at the level of commissions, APA reports.

The congress’ commissions of language and culture (chairmen – Rafael Huseynov, Shukru Haluk Akal), science, education and technology (chairman – Shamsaddin Hajiyev), international affairs, media and information technologies (chairwoman – Gultakin Hajiyeva), management of society and law (chairmen – Ali Huseynov and Ilyas Dogan), youth (chairman – Elshad Isgandarov), economy, finance, trade and tourism (chairman – Ziyad Samadzadeh) held meetings yesterday.

Reports on cooperation in cultural, scientific, educational, economic and other spheres were made and proposals were discussed.

The proposals put forth at the end of the meetings of the commission were generalized and recommended to the congress.

Commission of language and culture put forth 33, commission of science, education and technology 29, commission of international affairs, media and information technologies 39, commission of economy, finance, trade and tourism (chairman Ziyad Samadzadeh) 17, commission of management of society and law 14, commission of youth (chairman Elshad Isgandarov) put forth 20 proposals.

Holding TUREVISION festival, establishing Turkic World Scientific and Cultural Academy, Turkic World Writers’ Union, Turkic State and Societies’ Broadcasters’ Union, establishing Turkic World Cultural Archive, Turkic World Copyright Fund, common Encyclopedia of Turkic World, holding special meetings on the 1000th anniversary of Mahmud Kashgari in 2008, announcing 2009 as “Turkic World youth year”, setting up Turkic Cultural Centers in Western Europe, writing “Common Turkic History” covering common historical roots and unique ethnic origin of Turkic people, taking joint measures to inform the international community about the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, genocide and terrorist actions by armed forces of Armenian Republic, uniting diplomatic efforts of Turkish-speaking countries to bail out Northern Cyprus of isolation, establishing and developing economic, cultural, political relations with Cyprus, increasing support to Turkish Republic in the protection of Cypriot Turks’ rights in the framework of international organizations, solution of problems Iraqi Turkmen face in their historical lands and underwent ethnic cleaning, unique position of Turkic states and societies in the protection of rights and freedoms, establishment of Eurasian political-economic union covering geographical area where Turkish people live, Georgia and Tajikistan’s becoming member of this union, taking concrete steps on the implementation of the opinion on the establishment of Parliamentary Assembly of Turkish-speaking countries, strengthening cooperation between Turkic states and societies for criticizing claims on the so-called “Armenian genocide” related to 1915 events, establishment of permanent secretariat of summit of the head of the states of Turkish-speaking countries, Ahiska Turks coming back to Georgia due to the execution of the law on repatriation of people driven out from Georgia by Soviet government in 40th of XX century adopted by Georgian Parliament, organizing international scientific-practical conference on the destruction of historical monuments and national-cultural heritage of Azerbaijani nation in historical and occupied Azerbaijani lands, establishment of Elders’ Council of Turkic nations, establishment of Economic Union of Turkish-speaking countries producing oil and gas (analogous of OPEC), establishment of Turan and Turkish domains, establishment of common Turkish TV broadcasting Turkish programs covering whole Turkic world, propagation of raising claims at European Court of Human Rights for the restoration of human rights of Turks deported from Karabakh, establishment of special economic zones, establishment of Turkish World Bank and others are among proposals.

Source. APA, November 19, 2007

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