samedi 17 novembre 2007

New Iraq, the showdown, by Gabriele Zamparini

New Iraq, the showdown - The dance of death of puppets, draculas and zombies between “reconciliation” and partition

New Iraq’s Puppet President Jalal Talabani and Nobel Peace Prize, Israel’s President and war criminal Shimon Peres have a lot in common. "The best way to solve the internal problems of Iraq is through federalism. For that to take place, it would be best for Iraq to be partitioned in the three independent federal regions”, Peres said in an interview with the Turkish language CNN Turk television news network. Talabani described Peres’ statements as "realistic" and said that Peres was "welcome in Iraqi Kurdistan".
More details on this “reconciliation meeting” here

Of course any plan for Iraq’s future would presuppose at least the existence of Iraq but it’s this very existence that Amerika and its open and hidden allies have been aiming at with the Long War started almost two decades ago. Today Iraq is no more [Can you think about it? This is more than genocide. A whole country, member of the United Nations, has definitely gone] and the word “reconciliation” has a macabre sound in the midst of a dance of death performed by the many Iraqi puppets, draculas and zombies co-responsible for this apocalypse whose crimes and atrocities are difficult to describe and certainly impossible to understand for a Western public opinion propagandized until apathy levels.
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