samedi 3 novembre 2007

Istanbul Diplomatic Roundtable

While emphasizing they have no plans to 'hijack' a conference on Iraq, Turkish diplomats say their fading patience with US will be on the table


ISTANBUL – Turkish Daily News
While the mission of the diplomatic roundtable that begins today in Istanbul is set to envision a future Iraq, the host Turkey plans to pressure both that country and the United States to at last take action against the lairs of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) amid growing anger and calls from a terror-weary Turkish public for a cross-border invasion of northern Iraq.

The three terror-related articles of the summit declaration draft are as follows:
Article 17
Condemn all act of terrorism, in all its forms in Iraq, call for the immediate cessation of all such acts, and welcome the bilateral arrangements concluded between Iraq and neighboring countries regarding the fight against terrorism and encourage Iraq and its neighbors to establish efficient bilateral mechanism to eliminate cross border terrorist activities.
Article 18
Reaffirm obligations of all states in accordance with international law, U.N. Security Council Resolution 1546 and other relevant resolutions to combat terrorist activities and prevent the use by terrorists of their territory for supplying, organizing and launching terrorist operations.
Article 19
Support the efforts of Iraq to prevent the transit of terrorist and arms to and from Iraq and to re-emphasize the importance of strengthening cooperation between Iraq and its neighboring countries to control their common borders.

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