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Is France about to train Iraqi security forces?

Seven propositions to Nicolas Sarkozy

“to promote peace and concord in Iraq”

On October 30, Cédric Goubert, Head of the Cabinet of the President of France, wrote to the French-Iraqi Friendship Organisation that Nicolas Sarkozy “read attentively the propositions” that the Organisation submitted to him after an enlarged meeting of its Bureau on October, 4th.

These propositions were :

1. To grant visas and residence permits to Iraqi refugees – in particular, French-speaking individuals- till all conditions allowing for their return to Iraq would be met as was the case for Iraqi Kurds in the 80s and for refugees from Kosovo.

2. To abandon the idea of training members of the police and security forces in France or elsewhere unless a significant change of the situation occurs.

3. To forbid and impose sanctions on any activity of French security companies in Iraq

4. To declare unlawful in application of the 14 April 2003 Law any intervention of French mercenaries in Iraq, even as members of foreign companies.

5. To reject any participation of French armed forces in Iraq whether in the framework of the UN, NATO or the European Union.

6. To recognize the National Iraqi Resistance as the legitimate representative of the Iraqi people without waiting for the United States, which are secretly negotiating with it, to permit it.

7. To endeavour to organize in Paris an “International Conference for Peace and Concord in Iraq” with the participation of the Iraqi Resistance.

The Organisation required as well that those propositions be adopted by the European Union and that decisions be adopted for the withdrawal of occupation troops in Iraq.

The Organisation will hold a meeting late November so as to decide what should be the response to Mr. Sarkozy’s as it has learnt from the Koweit Press Agency (KUNA) dated November, 4, 2007 that the Iraqi “President”; Jalal Talabani, has declared after meeting Jawad Al Boulani, his “minister “of Interior, on November 3rd, that “France intended to train Iraqi security forces.”

If confirmed, this agreement would make France an accomplice of all mistreatments committed by death squads in Iraq.

Paris, November 7th, 2007

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