mercredi 20 février 2008


by Layla Anwar

Saudi Shi'ites oppose plans to settle Sunnis (Reuters.18.2.2007)

"Saudi Shi'ites have asked the authorities to scrap plans to settle Sunni Muslim Yemenis in southern Saudi Arabia to change the demographic balance in an area where they are the majority..."Excuse but what is this nonsense ? Since when Shi'ism and Sunnism have become a race or an ethnicity that might change the demographic balance in any one area ?

If I recall correctly, both "sects" are MUSLIMS and in this particular case ARABS.And let me remind the reader that Ahl Al-Bayt, i.e Al Hussein, Hassan, Fatimah al Zahra, and Ali - personages venerated by the Shia, happen to be next of kin and blood relatives of the Prophet Muhammad and they all came from Najd/Hijaz and not Qum.

I guess the Iranian "Professor" Vali Nasr famous for his Shia Revival and who acted as an advisor to Bush on Sectarianism in Iraq, as well as the other "Professor" by the name of Chomsky who has been harping on how much the Shia have been oppressed in Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia -- must be very elated by now.
Their theories have been tested and applied by none other than the White House.

Above is a Middle East map presented by a U.S Congressional Research Report from the U.S Congressional Service, headed by "expert analyst" on Gulf issues-- Dr.Kenneth Katzman

Might give you a foretaste of what is concocted next. And of course the layperson never questions figures coming from the U.S Congress. And we have seen what this has produced so far -- The Iraqi Genocide.

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