samedi 16 février 2008

Tal Afar: suicide bombers struck the Sheik Juwad Mosque, killing at least 4 people and wounding 17 worshippers

According to AP— Two suicide bombers, one armed with a grenade as well as an explosive vest, killed at least four people and wounded 17 as worshippers left a Shiite mosque after Friday prayers in the northwestern city of Tal Afar.

The suicide bombers struck the Sheik Juwad mosque in Tal Afar, about 260 miles northwest of Baghdad.

The first attacker raised suspicions because he was walking in a hurry and seemed confused. Police shouted at the man to stop, then shot him in the leg when he started to pull something that was later determined to be a grenade, said Tal Afar police chief Brig. Gen. Ibrahim al-Jubouri.

He managed to detonate his explosives vest, killing himself but causing no casualties, according to al-Jubouri.

Less than five minutes later, an elderly man wearing an explosives vest ran toward worshippers gathering at the scene and blew himself up, killing four people and wounding 17 others, al-Jubouri said.

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