mardi 12 février 2008


World Against War Demo - 5th Anniversary of occupation of Iraq
Start: 15/03/2008 - 13:00

Assemble 1pm, Parnell Sq, Dublin.

US Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan
Don’t Attack Iran
US troops and torture flights out of Shannon
Justice for Palestine

5th Anniversary of occupation of Iraq…

Five years after the US led invasion of Iraq the world is a far more dangerous place. Estimates suggest over a million Iraqi’s have died as a result of the war. Four million have been driven from their homes. The social and economic infrastructure of the country has been shattered.

The US say they are bringing democracy to Iraq, yet the vast majority of Iraqi’s, whether Sunni or Shia want US troops to withdraw. The majority of people in both the US and UK want their troops brought home but Bush and Brown still say no.

In Afghanistan, tens of thousands have died as a result of the NATO occupation. The US military are spending $65,000 per minute on the conflict and there are four times more air strikes than in Iraq.

The instability is spreading. The current turmoil in Pakistan is partly a result of the so-called “war on terror” as was the earlier Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Despite recent rhetoric from Bush the terrible oppression of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation continues.
Incredibly, after the disaster of Iraq, Bush and his Israeli allies are again cranking up threats of a further war against Iran.

Against the wishes of the majority of Irish people, the Irish government is up to its neck in the US led war agenda.
Over one million US troops have passed through Shannon on route to kill and be killed in Iraq and elsewhere.
The Irish government are still facilitating CIA flights known to bei nvolved in an illegal kidnapping and torture programme. Bertie Ahern’s government, now joined by the Green Party, have destroyed Irish neutrality.

March 2008 marks the fifth anniversary of the US occupation of Iraq.
The best way to mark this anniversary is to demand that the US and British forces withdraw their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and halt their threats against Iran.
Crucially, we must demand that the Irish government ends its complicity with the US war and torture machine at Shannon.

The Irish Anti-War Movement, supportedby the Peace & Neutrality Alliance and the NGO Peace Alliance are calling for a major demonstration on Saturday March 15th at 1pm, assembling at Parnell Square in Dublin.

The protest is part of a global week of action to mark the anniversary that will see demonstrations across the globe from Washington to Beirut, from London to Sydney to Seoul.

We appeal to the Irish public to join the global protests and demand an end to war, occupation and our government’s complicity at Shannon.

Check The Irish Anti-War Movement website for more

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