lundi 4 février 2008

An Urgent Call To Save MOSUL

Action 4 Mosul Group

We wish to draw the attention of all the world to the deteriorating situation in Mosul and the considerable threats the City facing.

We call upon all those with conscious all over the world to this ongoing onslaught on the City , its people and the grave facing this ancient city.

There is an apparent indifference to the plight of the people of Mosul.

We need your support to form an action group to raise the profile of the city and the crisis it is facing.

Please pass this information and our contact details to your friends and colleagues. We need enthusiastic dynamic volunteers to lead this Action Group. We are looking particularly for people with media, journalists and lobbying experience but all help is sought urgently.

Please let me know if you wish to help in coordinating the Action for Mosul in your area/country.

Dr Ismail Jalili, UK
Action for Mosul

(please replace (AT) with @

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