mardi 26 février 2008

Let's talk about Sovereignty, Mr. Zebaree

By Layla Anwar

Sounds like the "Iraqi" puppet, stooges, quislings of a so called government, have just discovered a new word in the English language.
A few days ago, Prime Pimp, Al-Maliki cried about Iraqi sovereignty and today, his aide pimp Hoshyar Zebari, so called Minister of Foreign Affairs is crying out Sovereignty as well.

Hoshyar Zebari, the Kurdish, Zionist, chauvinist, pimp is worried about Iraq's territorial sovereignty and stability!

For God's sake, will someone tell me where did these bastards emerge from?

Let's do a bit of your laundry washing in public, shall we?

Your past is well known. And so are your present "activities."

Employing and favoring Kurdish diplomats to represent Iraq in all the Iraqi embassies worldwide, just like your sectarian pimps favor the Shias to represent Iraq abroad.

You hire staff who do not speak Arabic or English, they in turn, hire translators. Most of them have fake degrees, like the university drop-out that you are.

A drop-out you definitely are. But it goes even further. Your love of Whiskey, Blue labels, Chivaz Regal, and your making a total fool of yourself in public when drunk, with your obnoxious behavior is also a well known fact.

Not only that, what about the presidential suite that you rent in a deluxe 5 stars hotel in London, with the connecting doors ?

And it is common knowledge who sleeps next to your suite Mr. the Minister of Pimps, when you are visiting London. None other but the smelly English assistant you hired in the Embassy there, with a hefty salary of 6'000 sterling pounds a month -- tax free.

Is that why you hired her and make her sleep next to your suite with the connecting doors -- out of concern for Iraq's stability and to refresh your notions of Iraqi Sovereignty a la Anglaise, no doubt!

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