mardi 23 octobre 2007

16 Civilians killed, 14 wounded in U.S. shelling near Tikrit icle=58422&NrIssue=2&NrSection=1
Salah al-Din - Voices of Iraq
Tuesday , 23 /10 /2007

Salah al-Din, Oct 23, (VOI) – Sixteen civilians were killed and 14 others wounded when U.S. aircrafts bombed residential areas south of Tikrit, an official security source from Salah al-Din, said on Tuesday."U.S. warplanes shelled residential areas in Degla neighborhood, 20 km south of Tikrit, on Tuesday morning, killing 16 civilians and injuring 14 others," Captain Abdullah al-Isawi told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI). The wounded were taken to the Tikrit Educational Hospital, the source added.No further details were given by the source.

No comment was available from the U.S. side on the incident.
Tikrit, the capital city of Salah al-Din province, lies 175 km north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

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