vendredi 12 octobre 2007


How many more Iraqis must die before the politicians and decision makers in the western democracies firmly condemn and start prosecuting the leaders of the US and the UK governments for their crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq?

Their hypocrisy and "great principles" make me sick. They pretend to defend Human Rights everywhere in the world... but what about Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan?

I am disgusted with their "deux poids deux mesures" when they decide about genocides and holocausts...

What concrete and immediate measures and resolutions are they taking to stop the GENOCIDE which is taking place in Iraq TODAY?

On Thursday the U.S. terrorists killed 34 people including 6 women and 9 children in the Lake Tharthar region in Iraq. Sadly, this is just one among many other “incidents” in the past few days in Iraq…

Who cares that Iraqis are living in perpetual fear, danger and misery because of the occupation? Who cares that well over one million Iraqis have died of a violent death since the illegal and brutal invasion of their country in March 2003? Who cares that Iraqis must live without water, electricity, fuel, medications and that over one third of the population goes hungry every day?
Who cares that over 4 million Iraqis have been forced to leave their homes ...

And you leaders of the Arab world, what are YOU doing to stop the massacre of your brothers and sisters in Iraq? Have you any conscience left?

This is a day to remember the dead and visit their graves, so just try to imagine how many have died of a violent death in Iraq since the occupation in March 2003: well over one million ! Will you remember them?

Will you remember your sisters and brothers who are being tortured and who are dying in American and Kurdish-run jails in Iraq today?

Will you remember the orphans, the widows and the elderly who are barely surviving, who are humiliated and who live in constant fear in occupied Iraq today?

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