dimanche 28 octobre 2007

Turkmeneli Party condemns the kidnapping of Turkmen journalist Qasim SARIKAHYA by Kurdish Asayish


Turkmeneli Party strongly condemns the most despicable and cowardly kidnapping of Turkmen journalist Qasim Sarikahya by Kurdish Security forces (Asayish) near Kerkuk General Hospital. Mr. Qasim Sarikahya is the secretary editorial of the Qardashlik journal issued by Turkmen Qardashlik Club in Baghdad.

We hold the security authorities of Kerkuk province responsible for preserving the life of Mr. Qasim Sarikahya, we also appeal to the Iraqi government to control the Kurdish militia (Asayish).
We appeal to the international and Arab human rights organizations to denounce this cowardly act, and we demand the immediate release of Mr. Qasim.

Turkmeneli Party Information Office

October 28th, 2007

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