mercredi 24 octobre 2007

Juan Cole: The PKK is being coddled by Massoud Barzani and his Peshmerga

Under all this American pressure, The PKK is said to be offering a conditional ceasefire with Ankara.

The 'conditional' part doesn't seem very promising to me. Although the US says it cannot control the PKK because it has few troops in the north of Iraq, this excuse neglects another reason that the US is essentially coddling a terrorist group that is killing fellow NATO troops.

The fact is that the PKK is being coddled by Massoud Barzani and his Peshmerga, who could stop them hitting Turkey if they so desired.

The other fact is that the US only has one really reliable ally in Iraq, which is the Kurds, and their paramilitary or the Peshmerga is the only element in the new Iraqi army that fights with any spunk or initiative. The US cannot afford to alienate Barzani or the Peshmerga; hence it is forced to try to wheedle Turkey into inaction in the face of a rather dramatic set of provocations.

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