mercredi 3 octobre 2007

AMSI: Kurdish Assassination militias

Roads to Iraq
October 2, 2007

This a statement issued today by the AMSI (*) criticizing Kurdish warlords for their support to the US dividing Iraq decision, accusing them with involvement of committing crimes against the Iraqi people, and secretly assassinating Iraqis.

Challenging the feelings of millions of Iraqis from all ethnic groups Kurdish politicians announced their support to the United States senate’s decisions of partitioning Iraq.

As is known, the Kurdish politicians and others were behind the incitement of the occupation of Iraq and cooperating with the occupiers in all projects, and content themselves to be partners in every of what happened to the people from the killing of more than 1 million, the destruction of the country and put 27 million Iraqis to unknown destiny, they also participated in targeting Iraqi cities and people through their forces PESHMARGA as happened in Fallujah and elsewhere, as they practiced shameful ethnic cleansing in a number of Iraqi cities, particularly in Mosul and Kirkuk.

Other than the Kurdish forces PESHMARGA, the Kurdish leaders own other militias exercise assassinations for their own agenda and according to an international agenda, this militias are accused of the liquidation of clerics, tribal sheiks and scientists, and the people of Mosul and Kirkuk own many documents in this regard, they will reveal it at a certain time.

The assassinations of religious scholars and others in the city of Mosul, were widely known with testimonies of many of the citizens of the city in the context of working with occupation forces.

The Kurdish people, whether in northern Iraq or in the cities of Kirkuk, Mosul or Baghdad and in most parts of Iraq enjoy deep love of all the Iraqi people and they are not responsible for acts of these two parties and their militias.


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