lundi 1 octobre 2007

Turkmen condemnation of the decision to divide Iraq


Condemnation by Turkmeneli party


We condemn the recent decision taken by the US Senate approving the division of Iraq into sectarian and ethnic entities. In any case, we strongly reject any attempt to ordering the Iraqis to change their future and the future of their country, and stress that any project which decides the fate of Iraq as a state and as a nation should be the project of the Iraqi people alone not the others.

Therefore, we ask the Iraqi people and their religious and political parties to confront such schemes.

In our view, we can confront this dividing resolution as follows:
1 - The majority of the Iraqi people are hostile to this division and insists on amending the articles of the Constitution to prevent the division of their country.
2- All political blocks, forces, movements, writers and intellectuals obligated to raise their voices against the American project of dividing Iraq into three zones Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish.
3-We ask all the political blocs to overcome their political divisions and stand shoulder to shoulder to prevent the passing of any draft resolutions aiming at dividing Iraq into sectarian and ethnic entities.
4 - The division draft is a against international law and trespasses the sovereignty of a member country of the Arab League and Organization of the United Nations, therefore we ask the Arab League and the United Nations to use all legal and political means to deal with this fateful decision.
5- We ask all neighbouring countries to stand with the Iraqi people and help them to eliminate such destructive schemes for the unity of Iraq and its people.

Turkmeneli Party

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