lundi 1 octobre 2007

Cholera cases in KERKUK

Cholera cases in At-Ta’mim (Kerkuk) Governorate

65% of the total confirmed cholera cases reported from Iraq, are from Kerkuk province.
90% of Kerkuk province cases are from Kerkuk town.

Despite the effort exerted by the DoH authorities; the daily reported diarrhea cases, confirmed cholera cases and severity of the disease seems to be on the increase.

MoH deputy minister Dr. Isam Mamiq is in Kerkuk to lead the cholera containment measures for 10 days as of 26/09/2007.

It is worth noting that despite assurances that the public water supply is safe and repeated efforts by local health authorities that the source of this outbreak is still untraced for the cases in Kerkuk city.

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