lundi 22 octobre 2007

The PKK is the vehicle for a secret war against Turkey

CHP's Deniz Baykal on recent PKK attacks: There is a secret war taking place against Turkey

Reactions from top level Turkish government officials to the recent PKK terror attacks in the southeastern reaches of the country were varied yesterday, though consistent in the theme that the patience of both the state and Turkish citizens have had their patience pushed to the final limits. Some of the comments heard from Ankara yesterday were as follows:

Deniz Baykal (opposition CHP leader): "Terror has now gone beyond the levels of this administration. There needs to be the immediate creation of a new national platform, and I perceive the urgent need for determination to be shown by the administration, the opposition parties, the military, and civilian organizations on this front. Currently, a secret war is taking place against Turkey, and the vehicle for this war is the PKK. Turkey must tighten up its goals in the struggle against terror within this framework..."

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: "Our anger and enmity at this point are overwhelming. I ask for patience from the relatives of the martyrs and from our people. We are determined to follow up on these events in a cool-tempered manner. A cross-border military operation is one which requires legal maneuvers, and our parliament has granted this permission. Within this framework then, whatever needs to be done shall be done. We have no thoughts about what other people might say as to our plans..."

Ahmet Turk (opposition DTP leader): "My sorrow is great. Societal tension has been created, we have entered into a period when this reciprocal tension will increase even more....In the coming days, our party will be making a statement on this matter...."

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