dimanche 28 octobre 2007

Kurds threatening to kill and burn the Turkmens in Kerkuk

Kurdish tract distributed in Kerkuk Streets
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Kurdish Communiqué distributed in Kerkuk Streets

To: all the patriots of the occupied Kerkuk City

1. Cell (Team) of the martyr Hama Sulayman/Rahim Awa Neighbourhood Group

2. Cell (Team) of the martyr Izzeddin Kara Mohammed/Imam Kasim Neighbourhood

3. Cell (Team) of the martyrs Kamil Molla Weyis and Narpa Garip/al-Shorja neighbourhood Group

4. Cell (Team) of the martyr Molla Aras

5. Cell (Team) of the martyr Mustafa Azadi/Azadi Neighbourhood Group

Announcement to all Kurdish patriots, warriors and lovers of our city Kerkuk

We ask you to contact the above mentioned groups for any urgent need, because the generations of the al-Muatasim are using the presence of the Fighters of Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) at Kurdistan as an excuse to attack Kurdistan territory. The animosity against the Kurds aims to protect the remnants of the Ottoman Empire.

From now on, we should prepare ourselves to attack all the organizations of Turanians and by all types of weapons and burn these centers by the eternity fire of Baba Gurgur, to burn their dirty corpses to return our usurped rights.

We say to the Jash of the Turkmen Front, you should know that for any attack by the Turks to the Kurdistan region we will take revenge upon you.

This is is a warning, and you have no more excuses.

Groups of the occupied Kerkuk

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