mercredi 10 octobre 2007

Masked mercenaries kill two women in Baghdad

Masked mercenary-killers, called “security guards” by the neo-con-zionist occupiers continue to assassinate Iraqis. These racist thugs are paid high wages to terrorize and kill innocent Iraqi civilians in "liberated Iraq", they know they will not be prosecuted... those cowards!

One of their latest crimes is the killing of two innocent women:

A police spokesman said that the women’s car has been hit with at least 16 bullets. The mercenaries-killers’ convoy then sped off leaving behind the blood-stained vehicle. Iraqi police later collected the bodies and towed the car to a local police station.
The women were described as being Christians. Marou Awanis, 48, was named as the driver. Relatives said she had been ferrying government employees to work to raise money to support her daughters. Two children in the back seat escaped unharmed, police said.

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