mercredi 10 octobre 2007

Declaration from Turkmensahra Liberation Organization


Finally the United States of America disclosed its real aim and made its plan of dividing Iraq into three regions, namely the Sunnite, the Shiite and the Kurdish regions, be approved by the Senate.

This country came from the other end of the world and conquered another country, deployed more than 100 thousand troops in that country and in the 21st Century, it obviously divided into three another country which is a UN member.

That country, which claims that it is the leader of democracy and human rights, paves the way for the new Middle East map and aims at dividing countries such as Iraq, Turkey and Syria by giving support to the terrorists who approves its ideas.

By its plan of dividing Iraq into three, the USA proclaimed its hostility against the Turkmens. On one hand it ignores the fundamental rights of more than three million Turkmen and proclaims its enmity against the Turkmens and the Turks throughout the world by including Kirkuk into the Kurdish region.
Iraq’s division by the will of a super power and without the consent of the United Nations is harmful both for the whole world and for the United Nations itself.

The United States openly supports Iraq’s division against the Turkmens and disregards its former ally Turkey. Separation of the Northern Iraq would cause the Kurds to covet the territories of Turkey and to pay efforts to divide Turkey.
It is now time for the Turkmens in Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq and the Turkmens throughout the world to rise and unite against this plan which wholly targets the Turkmens and the Turkish nation.

Not only the Turkmens but also all the Turks throughout the world, the Azeri Turks, Turkey and the other countries have to stand up against such an unfair and oppressive application the Iraqi Turkmens are subject to.

Turkey is expected to review its relations with the other countries. Turkey must not neglect anything in protecting the rights of the Turkish nations throughout the world.

Undoubtedly, tomorrow Turkey will suffer what the Iraq and the Iraqi Turkmens suffer today. These warnings should be taken seriously. Tomorrow will be too late if there is no resistance against such a plot.

We ask all the organizations in the Turkmensahra defending the Turkmens’ rights to resist this sly plot by releasing announcements and carrying out demonstrations.

The Iraqi Turkmens must know that the world Turkmens, no matter in which country, are their full supporters. They should not feel themselves lonely and forlorn.

سازمان آزادیبخش ترکمن صحرا – تورکمن صحرا آزادلیق قوراماسی



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