mercredi 18 juillet 2007

Anyone wonders why the world is in this sh*t? by Gabriele Zamparini

Note: Gabriele Zamparini is back after a long silence, below is the link to his blog

From The Cat's Dream blog :

Anyone wonders why the world is in this sh*t?

Dear friends,

Here some recent updates from my blog. Just a few minor examples on how our dear liberal media have become the real obstacle for change and social justice. With the New York Times, The Independent, The Guardian or the Village Voice... who needs Fox News? And with the Homeland’s anti-war movement’s establishment and its necrophilic (but lucrative) relationship with the Democratic Party... anyone wonders why the world is in this sh*t?
Best wishes,


Iraq Body Count: SHAME ON YOU!!! - An appeal to the anti-war movement

The Village Voice, of course

Racism gets respectable on the Western press

BBC's math problem - an exchange with BBC's Paul Reynolds

Respectable Racism on UK liberal media - Migrationwatch

The Guardian's one way hypocrisy

The Independent's endless thirst for blood

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