dimanche 15 juillet 2007

Have US-enabled Kurds killed 200 Iranian Troops?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

From Juan Cole's Informed Comment blog:

Are we Already at War? Have US-enabled Kurds killed 200 Iranian Troops?
I got the below by anonymous email regarding a German news program last month. Am passing it on not because I buy it or its details but because there is at the least an issue in the Kurdish terrorist groups that are operating from US-occupied Iraq against Iraq's neighbors.

The US is not able to stop the PKK from operating against an ally, Turkey, so I don't think it could stop the Iranian Kurdish terrorists, PEJAK, from operating against Iran. But it is also probably true that there are elements in the US military, in the intelligence services, and in the Washington power elite that are connected to PEJAK and are either happy about its activities or subtly enabling them. Since the US Senate has in its wisdom laid the groundwork for a war on Iran on the extremely thin grounds of an unbalanced and gullible NYT story, it is worth pondering the degree to which we are being spun once again by shadowy forces whose salaries we are paying!

"Transcript of TV program on German ARD television, "The Monitor, no. 564, June 21, 2007: Sertan (a PJAK terrorist): "Three months ago, by using radio-controlled mines (IEDs) we killed 13 to 14 Iranian soldiers". Kurdish terrorists hide in the U.S. protected areas of North-Eastern Iraq. From there, they send fighters over the border into Iran and attack Iranians.
In the past two years, they have killed over 200 Iranians." See the transcript of the program in German. . . .*** NOTE: You can use Google to translate these German Web Pages into English.

[Then there is this from other press sources]:Pejak enjoying western support (PressTv, Iran, July 11, 2007): Head of Pejak (PJAK) terrorist group says he has good relations with the U.S. and German governments and they know everything about the group. Abdul Rahman Haji-Ahmadi who lives in Cologne, Germany told German ARD television network that he directs Pejak from Germany. "Big powers help our military stations and American army generals completely overlook our activities", he added.

Haji-Ahmadi pointed out that some U.S. generals even visit Pejak's military camps and have good ties with Pejak. He noted that the presence of Pejak in Iraq is even useful for the U.S. because "if Pejak does not rule, Islam will rule". Haji-Ahmadi in a similar interview with the Kurdish newspaper Media had acknowledged that some U.S. senators and generals had met with Pejak leaders in Iraq's Qandil region. . . [Journalist Reese Erlich has also reported on all this for "Democracy Now" and "Mother Jones":]* Report: U.S. sponsoring Kurdish guerilla attacks inside Iran * Kurdish & American sources say the U.S. has been supporting guerrilla raids against Iran, channeling the money through organizations in Iraqi Kurdistan."

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