dimanche 29 juillet 2007

The Iraqi Resistance is alive and strong

This is a living people…
Iraq is Iraq...Why worry!

by Ali Al Sarraf

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Despite all the crimes endured by millions of Iraqis, like the continuous bloodthirsty US bombings, systematic mass murders, death squads, terrorism, poverty, displacements and tortures... the Iraqi will and resolve are far from being broken.

Four years have passed and the US thugs behave in this country Iraq like a rampaging beast, spreading death everywhere they are.. But the US rogues are petrified... They see in every Iraqi a possible threat... They shoot on civilians at random to terrorize people, but in fact they are the terrorized.

The many US soldiers' testimonials, divulged to the general public - thanks to the Nation Newspaper - don't uncover the US savagery against Iraqis only, but show also the dimension of hysteria in which the Occupation forces and their death squads are plunged while confronting unarmed civilians.

One US squaddy says..."Orders were given to look at every Iraqi as a threat and treat him and murder him as such... In case he appeared to be an unarmed civilian, it is easy to put beside him an AK47 and pretend that he was killed in an armed confrontation. It is easy also to detain the witnesses, send them to jail and pretend they are terrorists.."

These are horrendous crimes! The other side of the coin, however, says more. This is the expression of the collective hysteria pursuing the US occupiers before being pursued and chased everywhere by the Iraqi armed Resistance... The roots of this hysteria being the Iraqi rejection of the Occupation, their defiance and courage in front of the US savagery, their readiness to die while confronting the invading US thugs. By God almighty a people like the Iraqi people is invincible while its Resistance is still fierce as if the war has just started.. and the Iraqi people fight with all its might and with every possible means...

While the US administration rogues in the White house are lacking cannon fodder to send to Iraq, according to some reports, thousands of Iraqi families who lost one of their beloved, those who were displaced or forced to leave their homes, are joining by the thousands the Resistance ranks.. Some are as young as 14 years or even younger... What does this mean? It means that all those who were 10 years old when the invasion took place have now become combatants.

There will be more combatants... and for generations... Iraqis will always continue defending their homeland, their honour and their dignity in a war they will fately win.. This is the history verdict for every resisting people against any bloodthirsty invader.

It is their homeland that Iraqis defend.
It is about their right to live that Iraqis combat the rogue US.
It is against a horrible crime that Iraqis react and want to take revenge from the US bloodthirsty assassins.

The more the bloodthirsty US increases its crimes, the more battalions of young Mujahideen will join the ranks of the Resistance.. .We tell the backward bloodthirsty crusaders: Well done! Go ahead with what you are doing... This will be your end! For every Iraqi grave, you will dig your own... While George Bush is finding it hard to get some 30 thousand extra troops... which were swallowed immediately by the murder hysteria, this very hysteria has created for us new combatants, God knows how many and to which Jihad and Resistance factions they belong...

The Resistance is not only through arms... It is a Resistance of Rejection, Protest and overflowing Patriotism too.
When seeing all what the illiterate US rogues do to their brothers, they become in one way or another Resisters.

All the kids and toddlers who see their daddies being dragged from their homes and never come back become Resisters.

All those detained, tortured for wrong will become Resisters.
All those displaced and forced to leave their homes... become Resisters.

All those who lost, due to the Invasion, their prosperity and whatever little details of their daily lives, will become Resisters.

If Iraqis were not hard combatants before... by all means they have become so. Every one knew, except the backward US that Iraqis are from the very start, a people of a rare courage when facing hardship... And sure Iraqis are generous and dignified people and shall have no sleep over unpunished injustice!

That is why a people like the people of Iraq is invincible.

So why worry?

The bloodthirsty occupiers will achieve and gain nothing.. Absolutely nothing.. There is no way after all what happened to reward the criminals for their crimes... No petrol! No gas! Absolutely nothing!

The Occupation might be able to impose on its puppets and stooges the Petrol and Gas Law, to enjoy an economic occupation for 50 years... How can the US do that while this is considered by millions around the globe as a daylight theft and as a crime?

And how to sign such a law in a sea of blood... Based in what legitimacy... and in a country lacking every law? Of what value will this law be in an invasion established as a crime... and those signing this bill, where shall they hide from the people's wrath?

And how to pass such a bill in a country where the petrol nationalization is a part of Iraq's identity and Iraq's militant and combatant history?

Any one who knows Iraqis' demonstrations, numerous intifadas, revolutions and coups d'états from the early part of last century can't by pass the sovereignty and independence red line, Iraqis' rights on their soil which led them to nationalize the petrol.

Those who will dare to sign "the petrol and the gas bill" humiliate their people and threaten their rights in their homeland riches... Unless these occupation mules are drugged or gone berserk they will never dare sign this Law...

And by God almighty we shall slaughter them like sheep.

One by one, the survivors will be dragged to the court for committing a crime against their people's future and interests... These US occupiers' mules which spread chaos and touched an area they should never have touched... Their names shall be inscribed on a roll of dishonour never to be erased, while still exists a martyr's son telling the aggressor: "I want my rights."

No Occupation firm whatsoever will dare send staff to Iraq... These will be slaughtered as the ones before them... Could the bloodthirsty US rogues understand? They will be sent to Abu Ghraib... and let their 'super' power send their armies to rescue them.

Not a single barrel of petrol, will Iraqis send to the rogues states which committed against them every possible crime... Iraqis will have the right to demand, before any trade agreement, to bring the war criminals to justice first...

Iraqis will not reward with petrol those who murdered more than one million human beings, displaced and scattered four other millions, raped hundreds and maybe thousands of Iraqi women and tortured tens of thousands of Iraqi men.

And when the Occupation loses its battle, it will lose it all... These are the cowboys' law that we shall implement on them : "The loser loses it all and the winner gets it all".

As for the Occupations' mules, they shall be slaughtered, by God almighty! Let them sign the so called "Law" for this will be another reason for Iraqis to get rid of them.

Don't worry!

Criminals shall not escape punishment!
It will be difficult to pursue George Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair and all the other crusaders' criminals but the horrors and atrocities they committed in Iraq will pursue them for ever.

Horrors at the holocaust level, will not be forgotten by a 'world community' which needs " in its own interests" to practice some hypocrisy and says it has still got some consciousness and humanity left... and can't protect the criminals ad vitam eternam..

They will be punished by their savagery before they are led to court... It will be difficult for their institutions to carry the burden of complicity and cover ups with all that they committed!

What they want to cover up today, will be exposed with proofed documents, witnesses, and data.

Iraqis will make out of any murder, displacement, torture and rape crimes a documented database collecting every information, on the names of officers and soldiers who published their testimonials on what they were doing... Thus no one could escape punishment.

The butchery Iraqis endured, shall be an unbelievable event... seen and considered in a museum... We shall leave the signs of the crime everywhere just like Dresden town or Auschwitz, to be an eternal witness to their baseness and their savagery... We shall pursue them for ever and ever and they will not be able to pretend that they didn't know.

Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair Public affairs officer says in a book called "Blair's years" : "This Blair was the only one amongst the government ministers who had not a single doubt about the war against Iraq in 2003."

Campbell says about the government session on 18th March 2003 "to back the war" that deputy premier John Prescott, John Reed and another minister looked like they were shaking with feverish fright. According to Campbell, this Reed, the Brit home affairs minister, warned the movement to keep in mind that they will be tried by the Iraq which will replace Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

As for Clare Short, who was not at that time sure to resign or not from her post as the International Development State Minister, she told her colleagues: "I will suffer all this night!"

These Brits knew they were going to commit a crime against the International Law and yet they went on with their crimes... They knew too that their forces were committing violations and war crimes... and they kept silent, concealed and tried to minimize these crimes with every idiotic pretexts learned by their rogue and fascist bringing up.

If the murdering of one million innocent victims was the deed of "some bad apples", then tell us who are the professional bloodthirsty war criminals?

And if all the ongoing mass murders, destructions, forced displacements which are still taking place since more than four years, in an unabated savagery, is just "an error" or a "mistake" then tell us what is a Genocidal War?

And the sea of blood they encouraged their puppets to plunge in will burst in their faces... And there will never be peace... There will never be stability if the criminal Brits and US rogues are not brought to justice... For they should answer for the crimes committed against millions of innocents...

Let the bloodthirsty invaders go ahead with their crimes... for the more crimes they commit, the more unbelievable punishment they will get and the more the Iraqis will harden their Resistance and their Revenge will be greater!

If the Iraqis were an invincible people, it is because Iraq, is after all, their Iraq!

Iraq is gravely important because of its geography, and gravely important because of the genius of its sons and daughters. Iraq is gravely solemn because of its History and is gravely serious because of its riches.. Iraq is gravely amazing because of its patriotic culture... Iraq is gravely serious because of its Resolve! Iraq is gravely unusual because of its severity... Iraq is gravely different, because Iraq is absolutely indivisible...

And Iraq shall never ever forget the crimes it endured!

And when those who were kids at the time of the invasion, join the ranks of the Jihad, the bloodthirsty US rogue will only have to dig its own grave in Iraq.

And believe me this is exactly what is going to happen! So don't worry! We shall never forget our rights! History tells it all .. If the French were able to salvage their skin in Algeria, the US would be able to do the same.. and these, if they had won in Vietnam, they would in Iraq.. But they are heading for a clear cut defeat... the echo of which may be resounding in the Congress but which is resounding even louder, much louder in Iraq!

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