samedi 7 juillet 2007

One hundred dead and 120 wounded in the Turkmen district of Tuz Khurmato

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(they are not Kurdish, contrary to what Prof Juan Cole and other Western journalists pretend)

Suicide Truck Bombing Kills 100, Wounds 120
Market Attacked, Houses Collapse; Gunmen Impede Rescue Effort

The casualties from the explosion that occurred in Tuz Khurmato district on Saturday morning 7th July rose up to 100 dead and 120 wounded, said a medical source while a security source said that scores of gunmen impeded the rescue work in the city that is located 200 km northeast of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

"The final death toll of the explosion that occurred in an outdoor market at Tuz Khurmato district, this morning, reached 100 dead and 120 wounded," Dr. Hassan Zain al-Abdin, director of Salah al-Din Health Department, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).
Dr. Zain al-Abdin added that most of the wounded were in a critical situation and they were rushed to hospitals in Kirkuk and Tikrit.

Earlier on Saturday, a police source said that a suicide bomber detonated a truck crammed with explosives in the mainly Turkmen market of Amer Li in Tuz Khurmato leaving 25 people dead and over 80 others injured, including women and children.

Medics from the Tuz Khurmato hospital said that it received 20 bodies and 90 wounded people,indicating that critical cases were transferred to the Kirkuk public hospital. Sources from the Iraqi police said that the explosion caused severe damage to nearby shops and houses.
Tuz Khurmato, a mainly Turkmen district within the Sunni province of Salah al-Din, lies 200 km northeast of Baghdad.

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