mardi 24 juillet 2007

Introducing an Iraqi Turkmen Photographer: Mohammed A. KELENCHY

Kala'a KERKUK 1980 - 2004

Young Turkmen girls

Elderly Turkmens

Mohammed Kelenchy was born on 5th of May 1957 in KERKUK, Iraq, he is from Turkmen descent. He finished all his schooling in Kerkuk. He arrived in the UK in 1977 where he studied “A” Level Maths, Physics and Chemistry in North Trafford College. Later he studied “A” level, Art, Photography and Textiles at Abraham Moss. He obtained Art foundation from Manchester Polytechnics, then BA Graphic and Photographic Technology from Manchester Metropolitans University. He has City and Guild from London University, in Film, TV and Video and HND in Construction from Salford University. He obtained his Masters' degree in Fine Art and Photography in 2004 at Salford University. He has worked as a free lance photographer since 1983, as interpreter since 1997 and as financial adviser in City bank.

He engaged in different professions ranging between managerial work and skilled work, he married twice and divorced once, has two boys and one girl.
He had several exhibitions in Manchester, Germany and Turkey as well as in Iraqi Community Festivals; he is in the process of publishing his first photographic book about Iraq.
He is the co-founder and Director of “WORLD MELODY ORCHESTA”.

One of his ambitions was to photograph the bloody war between IRAQ & IRAN and the 2 Gulf Wars but he was advised not to travel for political reasons.
Mr KELENCHY has traveled extensively around the world as some of his works (photographs) show (ITALY, TURKEY, MOROCCO, IRAQ,) and around the UK.

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