lundi 23 juillet 2007

Kurdish Soldiers kill Assyrian Boy in Drive-by Shooting

Assyrian International News Agency

(AINA) -- On the evening of Wednesday, July 17th, Kurdistan Democratic Party Peshmarga Militia, under the auspices of the 'Iraqi Armed forces', shot and killed a teenage farmer in a random act of terrorism. Fadi Nazar Jarjis Habash was riding his farm tractor with his friend Ziyad Namroud Hasso on Wednesday afternoon when a dangerously speeding vehicle carrying the armed Peshmarga was heard approaching. As is known to local residents when faced with such incidents, Fadi quickly pulled the tractor to the side of the road and stopped, lest he face the consequences. Eyewitnesses confirmed that although the tractor was clearly out of the way, the Kurdish Peshmarga opened fire in the its direction. A hail of bullets struck Fadi and he was pronounced dead at 7 P.M. Ziyad miraculously escaped without injury.

The attack continues the string of violence suffered by the Assyrian Christians of the area, ranging from sexual harassment and beatings of mostly young men and women to random firing of automatic rifles in the air at public areas.

An Assyrian resident said "these KDP Peshmarga are making a mockery of the Iraqi Army. Their uniform is that of the Iraqi army but the flag on their shoulders is replaced with that of Kurdistan. They are clearly trying to assert their presence in the area so that they can annex these non-Kurdish areas to Kurdistan when the time is right"

Although the murder occurred while the Kurdish Pehsmerga were officially on Iraq Army duty, the attackers came as part of a KDP delegation to the home of the victim to offer their condolences.

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