jeudi 12 juillet 2007

Report: US cuts power to Baghdad District

Photo by Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP

A man pleads for alms at the entrance to the Imam Musa al-Kadhim mosque in Baghdad's Kadhimiya district

With temperatures reaching over 50°C the occupation forces leave Iraqis without electricity. This is inhuman, this is torture!! The babies, the sick and elderly people will not resist in this heat, they will die.
To the European politicians and human rights activists:
Please DO something, speak up to denounce US crimes in Iraq, your silence is deafening!!!
All of Kadhimiya Without Electricity to Pressure Mahdi Army

In an apparent bid to apply pressure on Mahdi Army fighters, US forces have completely cut off electricity to the Baghdad district of Kadhimiya, al-Melaf reports in Arabic on Wednesday.
The measures are an attempt to pressure the residents of the district to expel members of the Mahdi Army in Kadhimiya and to turn them over to US forces, al-Melaf writes.

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